Friday, July 20, 2007

Keep it Local Berkeley

This is the B&W representation of a logo I entered in a local competition. I don't think I won it, but you can't win them all. I still like the design, though, so I thought I'd throw it up here even though it doesn't have anything to do with poetry or poets.

They wanted a crafty 1940's look, so I did it all by hand because that's the only way to get a crafty, rough look. The colors all go in via Illustrator once it's hand-vectorized so that any color scheme is quickly achieved. I tried also to combine everything people love about Berkeley: 40's detail, 60's DIY craft, and flowers. Berkeley loves its flowers.


CLAY BANES said...

dude, those whirling petals look like dope rings!

Sky Jack Morgan said...

It's Berkeley.