Monday, July 30, 2012

Naked Cancer

 My friend Sara Pharris has cancer. She runs the Cancer Princess blog, and she's started a new project called, with which she aims to "strip cancer awareness down to its birthday suit." She said she wanted a logo like the one she designed, just different and "original."

I wanted to concentrate on strength more than sexiness because it's not really a porn site, you know? But the strength it takes to bare it all and maybe bear it all for the cause is something that should be encouraged and glamorized, says me. So, I built silhouettes of women jumping, suggesting their nudity, and made them orange because I thought orange was a very bold color, though that might change. She wanted a type treatment, so I looked at some of the most common ones that are tried and true, and then I took another look and wanted an amateur look to one, and that's my favorite, #4. It reminds me of Bee-gees covers or the seventies and maybe seventies porn or something. Anyway, there's something more friendly about it. 

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