Monday, November 1, 2010

Fill the Void Try

I've always thought Bau Haus was a bit metal. In a lot of ways, the sentiment is similar. . . at least to me. So, when my friend's band put on a logo contest, I designed this. I think the key to logos for bands is to keep it as simple as possible so that it's immediately recognizable and easy to put on picks, tees, guitars, drum heads, and anything else you can think of in an any color you can think of. Plus, if you design clean, you can dirty it up in process or digitally. I've designed grungy stuff, and it always looks disappointing. It's a lot easier to dirty something after designing it than it is to clean something up. My advice is to design super clean and start your conversation with a client about the level of noise they'd like in the piece. Some clients think that your first draft is the last one, but this logo above can be changed in every way fairly easily.

Also, grunge is so 1992. Grunge graphics and typography looks incredibly dated to me. I think a great deal about typography, and sometimes I just build my own text the hard way. I didn't here, but I did for my own band, and I would for a corporate logo that needed to be clean or for someone who just wanted some thrashier copy. For a long title, I think manipulation of a black typeface works fine. I have strong feelings about altering someone else's font in a way that's too obvious to not burn your eyeballs, so I hope my alterations aren't noticeable in this poplar.

There are some subtle alignment things in this that I like very much.


Belle said...

I really like this logo, and it is interesting reading how you go about designing logos.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Hi, thanks for posting a comment. I really enjoy maintaining this blog because it keeps me thinking about what I'm doing. . . keeps me analyzing. I think that's important.

Thanks again! I hope the band likes it.