Monday, November 8, 2010

Intentional Disaster

The Murder Bros. is having their first gig in Harrisonburg this weekend, so I've designed a punk rock fly-poster. I'm a big fan of Jay Ryan's design work and his ideas about the destruction of text. I wanted it to be off-center and bent and make the copy simultaneously difficult and compelling to read. I thought working in hand would accomplish this best. In fact, it's almost always contrived-looking to do this digitally. Maybe it is by hand, too.

Anyway, it's difficult to make something ugly on purpose, but I'm a form follows function kind of guy, and I thought that we needed a fly-poster that looked punk. The skull in the middle is modeled after a turkey skull I found online, and I put intentional "mistakes" in there, too. I hope not to have gone overboard, but I had a great time making this thing, and that's mostly what it was for. . . and to promote the gig and the band of course. With any luck, you'll think I did both with this design.

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