Monday, December 20, 2010

Murder Bros. in Concert with the Judy Chops on December 25

For many reasons, I've been on a hand-drawn kick lately. I really enjoy the inherent messiness of doing it this way—especially when it's your goal to be punk rock! There's a rush like trapeze without a net when you're working like this. I use no erasures at all. I didn't even have an eraser near me. I used no measurement or drawing aids of any kind. I desired a young feel that seems edgy and unrefined, but I want there to be a classy component, so I drew a picture of a classy lady. I wanted the text to be grungy but legible. I especially love how the logo works hand-drawn.

I enjoy the way it came out, but I think I might do an illustrator poster next time round. People aren't as impressed by illustrator work, but they should be. Drawing by hand is as easy as murder.

Meantime, my band the Murder Bros. is really taking off and doing quite well. We recorded a demo, and we're playing lots of shows with great acts from the area. Keep an eye out.


Graham I. Haynes said...

I really enjoyed reading about your creative process in illustrating this poster.

Break a leg at the gig.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Thanks for reading. I love your blog!